The resolution of your images are horrendously degraded.

If you take a pic of a text doc to send some information you can't read it at all.  Oh but it's perfect in Textra.  Verizon get it fixed, turn of the resolution reduction on our images.  Your embarrassing yourself and i'm a big fan of Verizon. I couldn't believe what i saw.

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Re: The resolution of your images are horrendously degraded.
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I understand your desire for high resolution on text documents pictures, SSgtKingKong. I have confirmed that our messaging application is working as designed. As indicated in your post, other applications may provide you better results when send text documents as picture because those application are designed to function that way. There are even some third applications that allow you to take pictures of text documents and save them as PDF files that you can then email with excellent resolution, as they are specifically designed to do that.

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