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I originally posted this suggestion under an older post and the original poster to the thread suggested that I move the message up to a current discussion.  Just an FYI Premium Messaging charges are alive and well and being added to your Verizon bills whether you have approved them or not.  The Verizon rep that I talked to was a great person - very polite and helpful within what he was capable of doing........ however I feel that charges from known "scam" sites be at least be questioned by Verizon or:

I suggest that Verizon require a valid contact phone number posted with any company posting charges to our Verizon phone bills.  At least there would be a contact number available without the Verizon user having to do the "detective work" and go after people using Verizon to scam Verizon subscribers.  We had a Premium Messaging charge appear mysteriously at the same time a phone was upgraded so therefore apps etc were upgraded on that phone.  Since a Smartphone had been added, the extra charge was not as evident since I knew that there would be an additional charge on our bill.  We did not agree to anything being added to our bill from this site nor did we use any of their services.

In our case, the charge was for RingtonesEverywhere,  Verizon would only take off the current month's charge and not the charges back to October so it's up to the Verizon customer to do the dirty work and go after fraudulent charges added to the monthly Verizon bill.  I trusted Verizon up to this point but will go through my bill monthly - my bad for being a trusting Verizon customer.  Never again!

I will be taking a good hard look at other cell phone providers in the area when our contract comes up for renewal if Verizon doesn't come up with better methods of protecting it's customers from fraudulant charges being added onto the monthly bill.

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If you had reviewed your bill each month, you would have caught it in the first month. Then you could have requested the charge be removed and future premium messages blocked for all lines. For it to have been on your bill in the first place, someone on your account had to give the number for something thinking that they were going to get a free ringtone or filled out a survey.

I had a premium message years ago and was charged for it. I called right away and got the charges reversed. I also was instructed how to block such messages through MyVerizon account online. I never had another message for the life of that account. When I started my current account with Verizon Wireless, I created a new MyVerizon account as soon as possible. The next account management items I took care of was to block those same premium messages and messages from the Web. After almost two years with that account, the blocks are still in place and I haven't been charged once for a premium message.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.