Trade In Issues

I traded in an Iphone for my son with $550 promotion credit to purchase a new phone. So the store rep my son's phone was in perfect condition, but could not do trade in in store. So, as soon as the box came, my son took his perfectly working phone out of the case, turned it off, place it in the box, and we mailed it off. Some how, Verizon us now saying the phone is damaged, wondering turn on, and only giving me an $88 credit. I called and complained, but was told they have pictures of the damage. However, I haven't seen the pictures and wouldn't even trust those because I know the condition of the phone when we mailed it; I have no idea of what was done to it once it got to the trade-in center. On top of that, I was told I cannot dispute this, and basically just have to accept this situation. I am beyond livid. I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for 13 years, have several lines currently with them, and purchase many products from them. I am usually happy with the service, and have never called to dispute anything on my bill. Right now, I feel scammed with a bate and switch sales tatic where I was tricked into buying a more expensive phone under the premise of a better credit.


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