Treo 650: constant prompts for update and "connect to network" fail, fail, fail

In the last few weeks I keep getting prompts from the Treo 650 when I turn it on.

It says I have to connect to the network, Yes/No/Never ask again.

I always click Never Ask Again.

Then I click NO.

Nevertheless there's the same thing again the next morning.

Also, I get prompts saying a mandatory update is going to begin, with a countdown.   When I let it happen the phone goes blank.

I leave it for a while, and the battery goes dead.

When I cancel the update, nothing unusual happens.

Since this started, the Treo has killed its battery overnight -- it always lasted several days, until this started.

Each time I plug it in, when it restarts, Bluetooth is always turned on.

I have no use for Bluetooth, always turn it off.

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Re: Treo 650: constant prompts for update and "connect to network" fail, fail, fail
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HI swaf3qjhwp,

Thank you for your message.

To clarify, this forum is for troubleshooting issues with the 'VERIZON MESSAGES' App used to text. 

To troubleshoot your TREO 650 device, I suggest searching for similar content on Android Forums. If other users are having this experience, they'll be talking about it.

Here are 2 to get your started:

Android Forums

Technipages – Smart phone, gadget and computer tips

As a final resort, you can take the device to your local Verizon Store to try to resolve or contact Verizon's Tech Services.