Trying to figure out why sending with the message+ app is experiencing issues??
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it happens to me using message+, the original text app, google messenger and on multiple phones.  It happened on my galaxy s7, and now on my s9+ and on my other S9+ (first broke).  It happens when I text alot at once.  Sometimes it fixes itself when i go onto wifi, but less so now.  It happens when I am using mms to text to multiple people.  Then I can see when they send me text but I cant see what they say.  The "download" appears individually from them but I cant download the message.  I power on and power off.  sometimes it fixes itself in an hour or so and I get a whole bunch of texts.  sometimes if someone else sends me a text it then somehow releases others.

This has been going on for years and drives me insane.  Any help woould be greatly appreciated

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