Trying to get a print out of all SMS from ex boss for legal purposes.

For the past couple years at least with each new phone, one of the first things I have done is switched my default text messaging app from the pre-installed on the phone (my current phone is an LG G5 ) to the Verizon Messenger.  Over almost the past year I have been fighting my ex employer for back pay.  Finally having enough of the back and forth, I am not seeking legal service.  Almost all of my communication with the CEO of my ex employer has been through text messages rather the phone calls.  I was using an app called "SMS to PDF Converter" to save our conversation periodically, but recently I have not been able to save the entire conversation.  For some reason the thread with him is all there in Message+ but when I try to do the conversion I noticed that is stops the conversation around Feb 23, 2018.   Trying to figure it out, I opened the pre-installed messaging app (that I can't remove from my phone) the messages between us do not go past Feb 23 either.  Which tells me that the "SMS to PDF Converter" app is pulling from the preinstalled messaging app and not Message+ (default) app.  Also while I was in the pre-installed app, I noticed that with his thread had a send thread for him, where all that was in that threat are 3 messages I sent him on Feb 14, 16, and 19) but all of the other messages I have sent over the past year and all of the messages he has sent over the past year are in the other (main) thread.  (also I have noticed that 2 other threads are like this as well during the same time period - but not all my conversations during this time period are like that)

Also I have tried finding other converters / backups with in PLAY but all of them are doing the same thing and pulling from then pre-installed messaging app and not from Message+.  I know I can get the past 90 days from, but I really need all the messages the CEO and I have sent back and forth to each other over the year or so.  Can anyone tell me what else I can try.. or how to get the pre-installed messaging app to sync and get all the messages from Message+?

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Which other SMS Backup applications have you tried?

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