Twitter Texts & Twitter Text Notification Tone

I've got two questions about Twitter and Texting.

1)  Two colleague's and I are wanting to share a company twitter account and we have no problem each logging into the account it seems.  However, there are a couple clients we follow whose tweets we want to have texted to each of our phones and we're having trouble with that.  It seems that if I activate Twitter Texts I'll get one almost immediately but then get no more.  Is there anybody else doing something similar that has any suggestions?

2)  I've got a LG V2 phone.  Is there a way to change the Notification tone for Twitter Texts to something different than the rest of my text messages.  When i go to contacts, i can change the ringtone for it but not the Notification tone.  I know that it can be done on a TMobile Android phone but don't see a way on my VZW LG.

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