Two step authentication hacked/spoofed?
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I am not sure if this is the right place to post but this appears to be a significant issue I can't find a solution for. Two-step authentication for a number of services has been deemed a great way to secure accounts. 

I have a deactivated Facebook account with Two-Step authentication but have recieved text message codes to access my account. I can tell the the sender is a hack/hacker based on the extra text. If I submit the code I am sure my information and log in will be compromised.

Is there a way to clear a number from a spoofed or hacked SMS? Facebook uses a short SMS address as 32665. This hack attempt is the exact same. I can't find anymore details regarding the text and getting ahold of anyone at Verizon seems impossible regarding this issue. 

I know this is a Facebook specific issue but has me concerned with two-step authentication in general now as I use it for a number of services. I forwarded the messages to the spam center with Verizon but with a spoofed short address I don't know if anythibg can be done. 

Any advice? It seems verizon should be able to see where the text messages are coming from and how they have been compromised? I got lucky this time recognizing the fraudulent attempt but I am guessing many aren't soo lucky. Unfortunately, I wont be able to use  the service again as I keep getting the hacked SMS each attempt I make. I already reached out to Facebook as well regarding the issue. 


Any advice? Feedback? This is a big security flaw for those that want that extra step of security. 

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Hello, averagejoe1. We are very sorry to hear about this peculiar issue of your device receiving Two-Step Verification text messages involving a deactivated Facebook account. We definitely want to help with this in every way that we can here at Verizon Wireless. Just so that we are updated, can you please share how Facebook has assisted you with this issue so far? Are you receiving questionable text messages involving other accounts that you have other than Facebook? BrettA_VZW


when you get feeds from facebook, you take your chances of everybody & their brother contacting you.