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The new UI DESIGN & MAIN MENU makes Messages+ much easier to navigate and includes more customization options!


Profile Picture 

To Set up your Profile:

  1. Tap the Pencil icon in the left corner to add your image or avatar and create your own profile.

Driving Mode

To turn ON Driving Mode:

  1. Tap DRIVING MODE in the Main Menu.

DRIVING MODE is ON when the yellow Driving Mode Banner appears at the top of the conversation list.

To turn OFF Driving Mode: 

  1. Tap DRIVING MODE in the Main Menu
  2. Or, tap the Driving Mode Banner on the Conversation screen

To Set Up Driving Mode:

1) Main Menu,

2) Settings,

3) Driving Mode Settings

To add a Bluetooth device:

Add a Bluetooth device to Driving Mode if you want to trigger driving mode with your Automobile's Bluetooth feature

To unpair  Bluetooth when NOT driving:

If your earpiece Bluetooth triggers Driving Mode when NOT driving, unpair/disconnect the Bluetooth from Driving Mode in app Settings

NOTE: Driving mode is expected to pair with a car's Bluetooth. If you are using ANY device with Bluetooth, it will activate since Bluetooth can't tell the difference between driving and not with Bluetooth present. In that case: go to Main Menu >Settings>Driving Mode, there manually un-pair (un check) that device when not driving.

Auto Reply

To Turn ON/OFF Auto Reply:

  1. Tap Auto Reply to turn ON and OFF

You will know AUTO REPLY is ON when a Yellow banner appears at the top of your Conversation List that says ‘Auto Reply is ON’

To set up Auto Reply:

  1. Tap Auto Reply
  2. Tap ‘Add a New Message’, write your reply, then tap ‘Save’.  To select the message you want senders to see, tap the circle (radio button) next to the reply.
  3. Set ‘Until’ for a duration of your Auto Reply
  4. Tap ‘Start’ to begin your Auto Reply session

SENDER will receive 1 auto-reply for each auto-reply session regardless of the duration of the auto-reply session. For Example: If auto-reply is set up for 3weeks, Sue will receive your auto-reply only 1x during that 3week period even if she messages you 20 times in that 3week period.

Restore Messages

Verizon Wireless customers can select Restore to retrieve messages sent/received in the last 90 days

To Restore Messages

  1. Tap RESTORE to retrieve messages sent/received over the last 90 days

Settings > Use Settings to customize a variety of functions and features

What's New > View graphic slides show snapshots of new and updated features

About > About is the place to go to ID your app version

Terms & Conditions > Outlines the agreement between the user and Verizon Wireless

Privacy Policy > The Verizon privacy policy provides details about the information collected and how it is used and the users options

VERIZON MESSAGE FAQ:  https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/verizon-messages-faqs/

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