UNlimited text man sending AND receiving?
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My wife and I just started using smartphones (can you believe it) and it is the New Verizon Small plan and says unlimited text messages are part of the plam.  It is a 2 line, shared data.  We just got our first bill and one of the lines had a 40 cent charge for "text (rec'vd").  My question is, with unlimited text why would we get a charge for receiving texts at all?  Jimbo701

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Did you change your plan as part of the purchase of the smartphones? 

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Jimbo701, we always want you to have full details on your billing statement. Let's work to uncover why you have this charge. You mentioned that you changed to an unlimited text plan with your upgrade, was this after the bill cycle had begun? When you check the billing statement, was this charge connected with international messages received? What additional detail is listed by this charge?


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