Unable to access the VZMessages folder on my phone!
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In the past I was able to access the VZMessages folder on my device when plugged into my computer and data transfer via USB was selected.  Not only was I able to access this folder but other application folders were accessible as well such as WhatApp. The ability to access the VZMessages folder was very useful in being able back up my device in my computer but it also gave me the ability to store saved Messages+ texts and media (dating them). This was very useful when moving to a new device. I was able to then transfer the stored messages files that I wanted to into the new device and then use the restore messages feature on the app to then access those messages and media within the app. For some reason I am now no longer able to see the folders that I once was including the VZMessages folder, that I need. It seems like this has changed from about a year ago but no longer than 18 months when I last transferred a file via this method. I understand that the app is looking to store these files in an external SD card but my last 3 devices didnt have an onboard SD slot and didnt have any issues as it would just find the files in the internal drive of the phone. I would like to know how I can access the VZMessages folder so that I can access some very important texts from a few years ago that I saved? 

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