Unable to send text messages

So I'm having a similar problem.  I can send text messages to everyone but my wife who also has an iPhone.

She can send text messages to me but when I send her a message or reply to one from her the text does not get sent.

The progress bar moves across the screen but stops short of reaching the end, and no sound for message sent is played.

This started after the os update.  Had phones for almost 2 years, no problems till now.

Went to the Verizon store for help but they said they had never heard of such a problem.  So no help there.

The one person that I need to be in contact with and I can't.

Anyone have any ideas 


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Re: Unable to send text messages


Did a chat with Version support.  The guy knew the problem right off the bat....

After the iPhone update Apple is having problems with iMessaging between phones using the same Apple account, ie multiple devices on same account.

This now does not work all the time, so until apple fixes the problem don't use iMessaging, turn it off on the phone.