Unknown messages after last Galaxy S3 update from 011 65 9XXX XXXX

After the last update (Samsung and/or Verizon) to my Galaxy Siii phone, I have started receiving text messages that do not show up in message list as new or produce my assigned text message alert.  If I look at my message list, these message will just be there and not marked as unread even though I never opened them or received notification that they arrived.  I will typically receive about 2-4 in a row (with 1 minute time stamp intervals).  All the messages originate from 011 65 9XXX XXXX (to the best of my knowledge since I try to delete them as soon as I find them) and begin with the text message %1hpy70X.... with a long list of characters (upper case, lower case, ascii characters).

What are these messages?  How are they arriving without any notification?  How do I get them to stop?  I have Trend Micro security and McAfee security for my phone but neither app flags these messages.  Why did these start after the last Siii Android software update?

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