Unsolicited premium messaging services

This month I received a $9.99 charge for premium messaging service. Upon investigation I found some texts on my phone from 39000 Get Answers Now - Mozoot. I ignored the messages and never replied. Nevertheless I was somehow charged for a service I didn't request, didn't authorize, didn't use, didn't interact with in any way.

I have attempted to contact Mazoot, but their phone support is very unhelpful. These people are scammers. I have now blocked premium messaging on all phones on my plan.

But the reason I am starting this discussion is to point out how complicit Verizon is in these sorts of affairs. They do not itemize on their bill what service is responsible for the premium charges. If I had happened to delete these texts I would have had no trail, and would likely still be getting charged. Verizon should be more proactive in weeding out these shady services who prey on their customers utilizing their billing process. Verizon will not provide refunds, they insist the customer take it up with the scammer. Good luck.

But they are obviously happy to foster this revenue stream and turn a blind eye to the tactics employed. They will continue to claim ignorance even though they must know. They must get scores of inquiries and complaints.

Terrible business practice, demonstrating a complete disregard to customers.

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Re: Unsolicited premium messaging services
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I suggest if one believes the company they spend thousands of $$$ a year on is complicit in a scam they would be most wise leaving that company and go to another who does not do such things.

Re: Unsolicited premium messaging services
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Those charges were actually detailed on your bill. You ignored them. You had to have entered your phone number on a website, Facebook survey or something for that company to start sending you messages. Verizon Wireless has provided the tools to stop such messages and has provided those tools for years. You can block premium messages through your MyVerizon account online. You can forward the message to "SPAM" (7726) and follow the instructions in the reply.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.