Using Message + with eSim on Pixel 2
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This is a brand new situation that maybe not many people have thought about.  But if anyone has and has a work-around I'd love to know.  For international travel I plan to switch over my phone to using the eSim on Project Fi, using my google phone #.  I've been playing around with it now though to see how it works.  The main issue I have is that when I switch over to the eSim my phone changes to my google # (of course) but then so does my Message + app.  And that means it can't get any messages sent to my normal verizon #, even over wifi.  It doesn't connect to my normal account.

Project FI will forward messages that it receives to my verizon number, but I haven't found any way to forward messages from verizon to my google number.

Anyone have any suggestions for a work-around? 

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Re: Using Message + with eSim on Pixel 2
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Jtrothvzw, this certainly is a new one! Let's all figure it out together. Your smartphone needs a Verizon SIM card to speak to the Verizon network. Once that SIM card is removed you are no longer able to connect to our tower. Therefore, you won't receive calls and texts using your Verizon number. It's like deactivating your phone. Does that make sense?




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