VERIZON does not want my business!

I've been a Verizon customer for many years. Well, I decided to upgrade my phone and purchase a Galaxy Note 5. Verizon was offering $100 off and I wanted to put down $300 toward the phone. On 12/11/15 I attempted to order the phone through the Verizon website. When I got to the checkout section, there was no option to pay a down payment. So I called customer service and they helped me over the phone placing the order. I was charged $335 ($35 for tax and $300 for the down payment. No problem. The customer service lady was very nice and helpful. She stated the phone would be delivered on the 15th of December.

Between the 11th and the 15th, I kept checking the order status for a tracking number. All it said was "processing" and never changed. Well, the 15th came and no phone. I called customer service and they said the order was processing. Thats all...... no updates or when I might receive the phone. Knowing the shipping issues during the Christmas season, I felt that I would not be able to receive the phone before Christmas. I told the CSR to cancel my order and I would just go to a Verizon store and wait 40 minutes to be assisted. He canceled my order without any issues,,,,,, so I assumed.

Today, Dec 16th, I entered the Verizon store with the hopes of buying a new phone. The "doorman" takes my name and I patiently wait 30 minutes for my turn. When my name was called,  I gave my phone number and advised I wanted to purchase a new phone. When the CSR checked the computer, he could not sell me a new phone because my account still says "processing" from the original order on the 11th that canceled on the 15th.

So, here I am wanting to buy a phone from Verizon and continue my relationship with them but I am unable to do so because their computer system is all screwed up. I've called and called and every time I get the same answer "it's all been taken care of". I don't get it. Perhaps it's time to move on to another carrier. I'm practically throwing money at Verizon and they just turn and ignore it. Just my two cents worth.

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