VTEXT- 140 Character cutoff when sent from E-mail

I have a client that uses VZW for his Techs, my company's software has a feature that will allow to send a page to a phone, he uses PHONE_NUMBER@VTEX.COM as the techs' phone e-mail, but when the e-mail is sent, the tech only receives 1 sms with a partial message, according to the website, VTEXT should truncate the message if longer than 160 characters and attach additional SMSs to complete the message transmission, the same e-mail can be sent to a regular e-mail and is received in it's entirety. That means the message is actually going out to you, but VTEXT is not splitting the message into multiple parts to be able to get the message across.

Any Ideas?

PS Message sent is strictly text. Plain ASCII characters no special characters.

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Re: VTEXT- 140 Character cutoff when sent from E-mail
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He should try using the Picture Messaging address instead of the TEXT address.