VText does not work with some contacts.
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It will work for most. But it will not receive messages from some contacts. The message thread does not appear at all. When I do message out, I believe the messages is sent and they view it. But when they respond, I do not get the response in VText but will show under my default Google Messages App. 

This has been ongoing and has been happening to many people. Was this ever resolved? 
Is it Apple related? This is frustrating. 

Re: VText does not work with some contacts.
Customer Service Rep

chrischoi, Hey there, I hope your weekend has been going well.  I use VText every now and again and I know the importance of this working.  We are here for you and we will figure this out.  What type of devices are the people sending text messages, using (all apple, mixed between Android and Apple, etc)?  What is the make and model of your device?  When did this particular issue start?