Verizon Message+ Distorting Outgoing MMS Photos (LG V20)
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Hi.  I'm hoping that someone here might have some insight into this issue I'm seeing with my new phone.  It's probably something so dumb that it's right in front of my nose, but I haven't been able to figure it out just yet.

I use Verizon Message+ as my go-to SMS/MMS app and really like it.  I've used it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, my Note 7 (gone ), and now my new LG V20.  I'm noticing an issue for the very first time and was curious if someone might be able to help.

When I use Message+ to send a photo to someone, the app seems to distort the aspect ratio of the photo.  When I take the photo, it appears normal before I capture it, but after the capture, it appears on the screen (and is received by the recipient) in a distorted fashion.

Here's an example (all photos taken with the phone in "Portrait" orientation):

Same basic photo of my laptop screen sent to another person on my account...

Using the stock LG "Messaging" app:


...and using the Verizon Message+ app:


It's fairly easy to see the width-wise distortion of the second photo as compared to the first.

I also took a photo of my steering wheel when I parked my car when I got home, and you can see that it looks more like a steering "oval" than a "wheel."  LOL.  Also taken within the Verizon Message+ app.


I've not tinkered with any of the stock settings other than to allow incoming messages to appear as a pop-up on my screen.  Nothing else has been altered.

Any insight as to why this might be happening and how to correct for it?  I don't think my phone's screwed up, as other messaging applications do not distort the images so.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Verizon Message+ Distorting Outgoing MMS Photos (LG V20)
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Uh yeah this is weird... I will reply back if I figure anything out for you.