Verizon Message+ Name Problems

To Whom It May Concern,

I have to ask....what is going on with Verizon Message +???? I have finally had enough and gotten rid of this app on my phone. I cannot seem anyone who cares or wants to help at Verizon.

I've been calling and asking for help on this matter and no one seems to know the problem, so I've just given up.

My Verizon Message+ app won't even display the name of the person I'm texting with anymore, so it makes it almost impossible to know who I'm texting with and who's saying what. How does this happen and no one can find a solution to it?

Can anyone help with this?? What is going on here with Verizon Message +???

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Re: Verizon Message+ Name Problems
Customer Service Rep

I’m sorry to learn that you are experiencing issues with your Message+ application, PROPACKY.  We’re committed to have the Message+ application work as intended for you. Let’s get some additional information and explore ways to resolve.    When did this name issue start?  What is your phone model?  Did you recently update/install any application/software?


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Re: Verizon Message+ Name Problems
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I hate to type this, but I 100% agree with you.  Hands down, until the 2017 updates, this was THE messaging app.  My wish is for Verizon to roll back all their changes to the end of 2016 and make this app great again.  Until then, I switched back to my stock messaging app on my phone and use Mighty Text for PC messaging - both work flawlessly, but I miss the perks that the pre-2017 Verizon Messages offered.