Verizon Message Plus Not Compatible with Smartwatch
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Verizon knows this is an issue and has been for a very long time but their text messaging app (message plus) does not work with any smartphones except samsung.  so my watch is useless with that particular app.  Verizon, you know it's an issue, yet refuse to fix it?  Why?

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We want to make sure you can use your application with no issues. What kind of phone do you have? What happens when you get a text message? Does you watch get any notifications? We want to gatehr more information to figure out how to resolve this. What model watch do you have?



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Dear:  @javierd_vzw; let me catch you up to speed on this current issue.  During the month of December 2017, Google Released an update to it's smartwatch software ( formerly known as Android Wear).  After the update was downloaded; the Verizon Message Plus App became incompatible with the new software.  This resulted in any Android Watch running software newer than Android Wear 2.5; being unable to use the Verizon Message Plus App due to a bug in the software.   This made android smartwatches unable to send / receive text message or connect to the Verizon LTE Network.

This issue is a software issue and it is the beyond the expertise of any moderator or customer rep on this site.  This problem can only be solved at the App Developers Level (pending approval by Verizon Executives).  There's a large history on this site, of complaints on this issue; by customers, begging Verizon to solve the problem...But Verizon REFUSES to do so.!!...

If you're actually interested in solving this problem....Please put pressure on your bosses for the approval to get this issue solved.  If you need any additional information on this issue; click on link above...