Verizon Message+ and Gear s3 - Can't Reply

Anyone know how to get the gear s3 to reply to verizon message+ using the watch?   Mark as read works but cannot reply.  When i click on REPLY on the watch, it just says "Check your phone"    Please help..  

Gear S3 Tizen 3.0

Verizon Messages+ Version 6.4.42

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This too [removed] me off beyond belief.  This smartwatch is set up to be used on Verizon.  Verizon is dragging its feet to comply with the universal RCS capability, but their answer is their very own Verizon Messages app.  Then the irony is that you can't even reply to texts on a Verizon app, on a Verizon smart watch, running on a Verizon network.  Amateur stuff here, Verizon...

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