Verizon Message+ on Samsung Galaxy S9 Notifications

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and am giving message+ a try. I noticed that when my screen is turned off and I get a text message, it doesn't wake it up like how it does on the regular messaging app. Also, is there a way we can change the vibration pattern? I don't like that the vibration pattern is so long. It makes me think I am starting to get a call.

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Re: Verizon Message+ on Samsung Galaxy S9 Notifications
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The Galaxy S9 is a great new phone, so let's check that out. While Samsung Messages is the default texting app, and comes with all sorts of great features and options, Message+ is limited to what the application itself offers. There would not be an option to change how the vibration pattern comes in, although check out the Notifications option to see what yours is set at. Head to Settings > Apps, then scroll down to Message+. Once there, tap on Notifications, and you'll be given a few options on how to receive any app alerts. It's different for each app, but if you have "On Lock Screen" as an option, then that would let you see your Message+ alerts when the phone is in sleep mode. 


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