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Verizon Messages Feedback

Hi. I would like to start out by saying by and large, I really like Messages+ and use it every day. However, I am very unhappy that once again, you have decided to split the screen on my tablet without giving me the option of going back to the single screen. I am puzzled as to why you think I need to see two lists of recent conversations? I like the single screen view. If other people like the split screen, I understand; but why not give me the option of selecting whether or not I want it for my device? 99% of the time, I use my tablet in the upright position. I only turn it on its side to watch videos or play a game. In the upright position there is very little room for each screen, and the messages are stacked with very little space in each line. For a long time, I went back to the older version for my tablet because I hated it so much. Then I accidentally updated it and was pleased to see the single screen. Last night it updated and now I'm back to a dual screen again. So now I'm faced with two choices: put up with the split screen I hate or once again go back to the older version that doesn't have many of the great features the updated versions have. I am very disappointed. PLEASE, give me the option to select what's best for me; don't choose for me.

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Re: Verizon Messages Feedback
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

What version of Messages+ are you currently using? And what size tablet do you have?  I (we, my husband and I) both use the app on our phones and tablets - I am not seeing the split screen with v. 6.3.10, updated 11/9/16 on my phone and 8" tablet.

When I peeked at hubby's 10" tablet, the screen was split as you are seeing with no option to size the panels or use only one.  I totally agree that having two lists side by side is a waste of screen space and unnecessary.  I didn't like it before, was happy when it went away.  And I hadn't picked up that it was back until looking at my husband's tablet just now, as it seems to be dependent on the size of the tablet.