Verizon Messages Web Page Jumps Around While Trying Text
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I'm using Chrome on Windows 10 and love texting using the Verizon Messages page at

but recently the page keeps refreshing itself so incessantly (showing different URL suffixes as it does) during login that I can't use it.

Any tips on how to get a cleaner, faster login? I don't get this issue when logging into other Verizon account pages, and the Messages page still jumps around even if I'm logged into Verizon Wireless on another tab of the same browser.


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Re: Verizon Messages Web Page Jumps Around While Trying Text
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Isn't it just great that we can text through our computer with the Verizon Messages app? I have used it when my phone was being replaced, and I loved being able to stay connected. I am sorry to hear that there are troubles with the online portal though. No need to worry, let's get this figured out.

What happens when you use another browser aside from Chrome, like Internet Explorer or Firefox? Have you cleared your browser history and temporary internet files recently? If not, please clear out, sign out of Messages+, close browser and try to reload the page again. What version of Chrome are you running on your computer?


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Re: Verizon Messages Web Page Jumps Around While Trying Text

I have the same issue.

I only use Chrome and it actually started happening soon after I cleared my browser history and temp files, among other things.

Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181 .