Verizon Messages issues
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I've got two issues with the Verizon Messages website.

1. I sent a text and it shows sent. I get the following

SENT: 6:02 PM
TYPE: Text message
MESSAGE ID: 676127ce30b722751749ffef1f978e31_1616104932705_40057655013Ma
DATE: Thu Mar 18 18:02:12 GMT-0400 2021
Other texts to other people show message source as PHONE
Also I noticed that when I send a text online the text doesn't show up on my phone, but if I text from my phone it shows online.
Re: Verizon Messages issues
Customer Service Rep

I am sorry to hear you're having two current issues with Verizon Messaging, JustinMcInvale. Let me get more details on each issue and help to find a resolution. I appreciate the details you shared thus far and let's work from there. In helping with the first issue based on what you stated, were you sending a message to another mobile number or to a five-digit code as some messages allow? From what I was able to find, the error code is referring to Short Messaging. A Short Message Service Center (SMSC) is a network element in the mobile telephone network. Its purpose is to store, forward, convert and deliver Short Message Service (SMS) messages.

Secondly, what is the operating system on your computer or tablet? Did you download the Verizon Messages App to your computer or tablet? Here's a link that goes over more details for a reference .


Please note Verizon Messages on Windows 10 as it's not is compatible. However, if you have Windows 8, it would be compatible in desktop mode. Here's a link to the steps to make sure they were used in sending the message to your phone Please share more information with us so we can work on resolving the issue you are having with Verizon Messages. 





Re: Verizon Messages issues
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The message I sent from the verizon messages app on my phone. I viewed the message on my desktop using the verizon messages website.

The number was a regular mobile phone number.

Also the verizon messages website was used to send texts to another mobile phone number, but the text did not show on my phone. So sometimes I have an instance where I need to look at a text I sent, but can't see it on my phone so I have to wait until I log into the website.

Plus I've had a few instances where a text sent to me shows up on the verizon messages website but not my phone.