Verizon Messages on Website

Soooo, since the revamping of the website (which don't understand why it is being repeatedly changed so often,) when you try to text online now, it says Error Not Found or This Function is Not Allowed.

I found the Text Online feature very helpful, and located it once again in the upper right under the drop down under My Verizon, however when you click Text Online, it always gives the same message that it's either an error or not allowed.

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Re: Verizon Messages on Website
Verizon Employee

CANBRE29 The Message+ online is an excellent feature, and I want to make sure that you can enjoy it. We're continually updating our site because is important to always keep up with system/software updates to improve the usage and avoid problems. I'm genuinely sorry that you're having problems. When exactly did this begin? Are you using the same device to access the Message+ online? Have you made any changes to your account or device settings? Share details. We are here to help.


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