Verizon Messaging app on S9plus Vibrating when on a call.

How do I disable the text notification on the Verizon messaging app while on a call. I have the Galaxy S9 plus.

Ex: You are on a call talking with your compadre and someone texts you you then hear and feel a loud vibrating sound on your ear and so does the person you're on the phone with.

I have googled, spoken to tech support and no one can tell me how to fix this. If I use the Samsung app it doesn't happen but the Verizon messaging app has more features and I prefer to use that app to send texts.

Someone Help me with this please!

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Re: Verizon Messaging app on S9plus Vibrating when on a call.
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It's important you're able to customize your phone as much as possible, CYNDLF.01. I did review the device and app for any known issues and did not find any being reported at this time. The app is working as designed. Have you attempted to change your notification settings through the message app? You can learn more about the app here,


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