Verizon Messaging "Conversations"
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You guys and gals are gonna think I'm a loon ; I just know it. Or old; and right you are. In both cases.

But here it is:

The "conversation" list isn't really that at all. Unless you consider any and all texts to someone to be part of one perpetual, never-ending conversation, right?

Let's say I messaged my sister for her birthday two weeks ago, she replied thanks and what not.

That was it. The extent of our messaged conversation.

Today, I message her again about - oh, I dunno, the price of eggs in China, or something. It's added as part of the "conversation" we had on her birthday weeks ago, and it all shows up in the same thread (if that's the right word).

When I message her next month about being abducted by aliens, that'll be the same thread/conversation as well.

And so on until the sun explodes or something.

You all see what I'm saying.

And yes, I have a question. Several even:

Am I missing how I go about starting a new message thread with someone I've messaged with before?

I mean without deleting all the messages between us to that point?

You know, so that each exchange shows separately on the "conversations" list?

Am I alone in thinking it would be sensible, and handy?

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