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Is Verizon .mesinger an easy app to send group text message?

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It’s so great to see that you are interested in our Verizon Message +application. I know the importance of sending group messages on your phone. Using this application to do so is no issue at all. As staying connected across all of your mobile devices and laptop computer with the Verizon Messages app.  

You may locate, attach and send or receive pictures, real-time locations, audio clips, and video and text messages with friends. You can even send “postcards” or enhance photos with the collage, caption and sketch features to say, “Wish you were here.” New features let you use Wi-Fi to send and receive messages when outside the Verizon coverage area, which is great if you travel or find yourself in a place without a good signal. The app also lets you personalize messages with a favorite theme, cool fonts and bubble shapes. Hope we have helped ease your mind about the group messaging using Verizon Messages. Any other questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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