Verizon Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Book

Hi, I have a window's 10 operating Samsung Galaxy book that I run Verizon Messages on, but recently it stopped working. I thought at first that, because I recently installed a program called Covenant Eyes on my computer that it was somehow blocking the use of my messaging app, but then I realized I've had that same program on my old computer for years and had messenger on it for just as long. I don't know what gives! All I know is that I open the app and it does open, but then the moving dots that signify the app is loading and making itself up to date just keep moving. And moving. And moving. Meanwhile NOTHING HAPPENS. Could someone PLEASE HELP ME?

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Re: Verizon Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Book
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We want to make sure you can get your messages using whatever device you have. Let's find a solution. Are you using an application or a Window's program you installed? Have you attempted to reinstall the application/program on your Galaxy book?



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