Verizon Windows msssage app doesnt sync properly

it never has in all the time I've been using it... several years.   it used to be that it only synced one side of the conversation (the senders side) and left anything i had typed in off.
  Now it seems to be random... and pressing sync on the windows application doesnt fix it.

this is such a simple thing... (and yes, I'm a software engineer, i build enterprise grade databases, and chat toys, and sync messaging and data for a living).


android Samsung S5.  using Verizon messaging app.  works fine,  If i use the desktop windows app to have a conversation, the android syncs up nicely with whatever I did on the windows application.

Windows 10 laptop.  have the verizon desktop application installed.  It mostly works.

if i have a conversation on the android, it mostly syncs when i later open the windows app.  mostly.  often leaves out anything the sender i was chatting sent me.  so i see my part of the conversation. not theirs.  or it just fails to sync the last few msgs altogether.

It is just plain baffling.  most of all its unreliable - that makes it not dependable to use.  but messaging using a desktop app over wifi is such a convenient thing (real keyboard) that I suffer it still and hope its all working.  aside from the lack of ability to cleanly review a mesage thread on teh windows desktop app.

how many threads have there been about this!  OMG... its been broken forever... and its such a simple application functionally - granted, the data you are working with is no doubt a monstrous huge database or many shards of ... but still guys, this is not rocket science.

happy to test with anyone if you like.  its pretty easy to reproduce.  and you can check my message threads using a phone or desktop app and see for yourself... i dont mind... i just want it fixed so I trust it again.



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