Verizon Wireless service.

Why does verizon wireless overcharge for data, when it's just the internet?  A representative said, "it's because of the tower maintenance but that's not true.

Verizon is and will nickle and dime us for data.  You mean to tell me at home i can connect around 10 devices on my network and download movies on all but for each mobile device the they charge a minimal of $30 and even more for more data.  That is crazy.   The network is going to be the network regardless.  They figure to capitalize on dollars by giving us a little (data plans) but CHARGING us for something that doesn't cost them anything.  This is why other companies will do unlimited  data plans.  Verizon needs to stop lying to their customers about why they've raise the prices and provide unlimited data plans to their customers. Internet is internet! They would have more customers if they would do unlimited.  They need to rely on their slogan the most reliable and hang their hat on that, and not say you get what you pay for.

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