Verizon doesn't care about loyalty

I have been a Verizon customer for many years and have 3 phone lines. If I were a new customer, my bill would be almost $50.00 less per month. But, I have 2 phones under contract. When asked, I was told nothing could be done. They appreciate my time as a Verizon customer and hope I don't switch to a competitor. They are sure they have the best service. I immediately contacted competitors and found that they want my business. I think it is such a joke when I see Verizon commercials and I am telling everyone about my better deal. So far, everyone in my family (I am from the South so that is a lot of members) have left as of today. Verizon could care less when you sad!

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Re: Verizon doesn't care about loyalty
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ccmom2, this is terribly disheartening to hear. We would be heart broken if you left us. Let's work to restore the love again. Is your monthly statement reflecting incorrectly? Please share some further details. We are happy to step in.

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Re: Verizon doesn't care about loyalty
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If everyone left why are you on here? Better get up to speed on your new providers loyalty program.