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I've installed Messages on a laptop (Windows 10 op system) and get messages ok, but the contact list is empty and messages display from phone numbers only, not the names in the contact list on my phone.  Is there any way to sync the contact list on my phone with the laptop without subscribing to a Verizon cloud service (I'm assuming there is no free storage).

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Being able to message your contacts from your laptop is a very convenient service that we certainly want to make sure works for you as designed. When using Messages via a computer, the contacts will only show if you have Verizon Cloud installed. Once that is installed, it saves your contacts so that it will show if you ever need to use the Message app while away from your phone. When signed in online to view your messages, are you able to sync your data via the website?



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Re: Verizon message - sync contacts
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Hey there...if this helps...I had a similar problem.  Finally figured it out. No Verizon Cloud needed.

On my phone, I had my contacts saving to the phone instead of to my external account (I use Gmail).  So, I had to fix that...on my the Contacts app...Default Storage Location...changed it to my Gmail account.  From then on, when I save a contact using my phone, it syncs to my Gmail account. 

Next step was to open the People app on my laptop.  In settings, then add the Gmail account. Then right click the Gmail account, and click Sync.

Then open the Verizon Messages app. It will pull contacts from the People app on the laptop. get all the old contacts saved on my phone synced...I had to export the contacts, and email the file to myself.  Then opened contacts in Gmail on my laptop...and imported the vcf file.  Then back to the People app on the voila....all the phone numbers listed in the Verizon Messages conversation list changed to the appropriate contact names. 

Hope that helps.