Verizon messages not synching
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I have 2 devices, s7 edge phone is primary. Also tab s3 Samsung tablet. The 2 devices do not sync either with getting in new messages or when I delete messages from one, they remain on the other. The ridiculous PC app, downloaded from the Microsoft store (it is Verizon message app) is worthless all of a sudden. Messages I send from phone or tablet do not show there and messages I send from PC app never show up on phone or tablet anymore. Also, the name of my tablet which was used when installing Verizon messages, has changed in the list of devices. What is up with that?

Re: Verizon messages not synching

Similar issue I think, would like a VZW response!

The desktop app on my windows 10 laptop stopped updating messages from about 2 weeks ago. I installed and uninstalled it from the PC, connected it and disconnected it from my phone. After a new install it only receives messages before 8/17/19. In the past I have noticed that my desktop app on a couple PC's does not always show all messages.The web app works and shows  all messages.