Verizon messaging in browser repeatedly asks for 2-factor reauthentication
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Over the past couple of months, the web-based VZ messaging ( keeps asking me to reauthenticate my identity with a 2-factor authentication text sent to my mobile phone.

I use my laptop almost exclusively in two places -- at home and at work.  I used to be able to move freely between my home and work networks and never had a problem logging in to the messaging web site using just my mobile phone number and password, to send texts.  I would only be asked to reauthenticate with a two-factor text message when I was on some new network, such as a public wireless network at a coffee shop. 

Recently, however, I am constantly being asked to reauthenticate with a text message sent to my phone, even when I am moving back and forth between my known home and work networks.  Since I take my laptop home from work every day, I am sometimes having to reauthenticate with a text twice a day, once when I get to the office after having worked at home the night before, and then again when I get back home after work.  It's becoming a nuisance.  This never used to be a problem, so I am confused as to why Verizon is not able to set a cookie that recognizes a known network and only requires me to reauthenticate via text when I am on a new network.

Any ideas?

- Simon

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