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After trying to read through some text messages on a phone line that my child uses but I OWN, PAY FOR, AND HOLD THE CONTRACT ON FOR TWO YEARS, I discover that I am not able to view any phone except the main one.  WHY? 

I am extremely aggravated with this policy.  I have 8 lines all of which are smart phones and I have a 20g data plan that I pay for, and I ALONE OWN THIS WIRELESS CONTRACT AND BILLING.  It isn't bad enough I have to pay $40 per line just because they are smart phones.  Yep $320 just to have the phone on and function.  My total bill is normally $550 roughly!  That is a month, $6,600 a year to ensure that I can contact my child any time of day, that my child can contact me at anytime of day, and so that I can monitor who and when they can talk to people and ensure they are safe, not being duped by an undesirable, and coerced by peer pressure.

Yet I am not ALLOWED to view any messages except the ones that the main phone line sends/receives.  I have every right to view any and all text messages sent or received on each and every one of the 8 phone I own, pay for, and contract under.

I have been a Verizon customer for nearly 6 years, adding additional lines along the way and while I have never had an issue, this "policy" makes me think that I need to consider and compare other services before I sign on for 2 more years. I see Sprint has unlimited data and $30 per line.

I expect full access to my full account and lines when I pay so much money!  I have been trying to bring up a second line on my plan that I own. I@ finally discovered that I am not allowed to view anything other than Who, When, and what time.

Verizon my question....when will I be able to view text messages for each and every one of the lines on my contract.  I have several lines coming up in August, 2015 and now I think I need to reconsider the service I am getting for the ungodly amount of money I pay.

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Re: Viewing text message dialog
Customer Service Rep

Slcrow, we know how important it is to be able to look at the usage of all your lines and we don't want to lose you as a customer. Seems odd that you can only view the details for only your line, let's look into this deeper and see what's going on here.

Is the account under your name? Are all the lines together on the same plan? Are you registered as the account owner?

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