Vtext delay/not delivered issues


I work for a local government and we use email to texting services to communicate information to our officers and personnel in a timely manner. For the past several months we have had issues reported from those with Verizon as their service providers that they are either not getting the text or they are very delayed, anywhere from 1 to 24 hours after being sent. We do not have issues with other service providers so I know it isn't an issue with our Outlook server. I know that this has been reported several times over the years, but I'm hoping that someone can take a look at this and get this fixed.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, thanks for letting us know you've been having some issues there. We definitely want you to be able to communicate any information to your officers/employees. Based on what you shared, I highly recommend moving from using Vtext to Enterprise Messaging. The benefit of Enterprise Messaging is it is designed for businesses and government to use, vs the smaller scale of Vtext. You can learn more about Enterprise Messaging (EMAG) here: https://www.verizon.com/business/products/voice-collaboration/workforce-productivity/business-messag...


There is a section on Enterprise Messaging with details on its features and how to apply. If you have further questions, I highly recommend contacting our Business/Government Sales Team at 1-866-531-0484.