Vtext - "Delivery to this destination failed due to invalid address"

I'm trying to send a text message to a Verizon phone from a PC, using Verizon's Vtext.com service, which I've used successfully in the past, although it's been several years.

When I tried using it today, I kept getting the message, "Delivery to this destination failed due to invalid address."  However, the address I was using was indeed a valid Verizon cell phone number, all 10 digits, exactly as specified.  I tried this several times, and with several different Verizon cell phone numbers.

Has anyone else had this problem and/or found any solutions?

Thanks in advance for your helpful advice!

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Re: Vtext - "Delivery to this destination failed due to invalid address"
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Community Leader

You can use the vtext.com service, which *should* work - but in your case sounds like it is NOT working.  I just used it and sent a test message to myself, which came through.  Smiley Sad  It did come in from an "unverified sender", since I didn't log in, I just went to vtext.com and did a quick send as a test.

Another option to try is to use your email program, and send the text to xxxxxxxxxx@vtext.com (just the #, no dashes) - in that case it would show as a text form your email address though, not from whatever you specify in the vtext program.