Weird characters for contacts in Verizon Messaging app
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Looking at my attached image, You'll see a contact "Joey" and there is a thread there, no problem.

His number ends in 835 and if you look at the screenshot, Verizon messages created two separate conversations because of the extra characters that are the mystery, and the problem being experienced by your customers..  To clarify, when he responds to me (and he's not the only person to whom this occurs), his response doesn't appear in the original thread, rather in the other threads with the extra characters.

I assure you, the problem is not something I can control..  There is some anomalous programming code that needs to be trouble shot.

It is very annoying.

Considering the cost of Verizon service.

  I must say, I am going to change providers for this and other reasons...  I mean, (for crying out loud), I forever experience a horrible experience on the Verizon website for their other service (Fios) whereas the site can never remember my credentials !  The wireless site does the same annoying thing.  Makes streaming content or accessing the Verizon site an exercise in patience and perseverance.

The wireless service has jumped the shark IMO as they're not offering any real incentive to retain me as a loyal customer, so............

My advice to them would be to trim some fat, and get some talent that can fix the front end experience otherwise they're doomed to go the way of Rome and the dinosaur..

Sell Verizon stock !  I did......



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Re: Weird characters for contacts in Verizon Messaging app
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yegnal, We're not ready to see you go. I'm sorry that you're having so many issues. Please reply to the Private Message that I sent you, so we can address your concerns more directly.


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