What's up with the text message service?

I have contacted support for my iPhone and that does not seem to be the issue. I sometimes recieve several messages all at once 30+ mins after they are sent, if I even get them. I have sat next to a friend who sent me a message that I didn't receive for several minutes and when I tried to respond I could not send them them the message. I have trouble sending to ATT users too. I use my phone for work and other coworkers are experiencing similar issues (on verizon). Please help before I switch to a more reliable service. I am in Boston MA and should have great service. Missing texts and being unable to send is highly annoying and affecting my work. Please help!

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Re: What's up with the text message service?
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Are you using iMessage ? If so that is from Apples Servers.

Did you turn on SMS in your settings for when iMessage is not used?

Ask your question at http://www.apple.com

In the support forum.

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Re: What's up with the text message service?
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HSSpin- Let's make sure your messages are arriving on time. As Elector mentioned, if the delays you are experiencing are with iMessages, please ensure this setting is enabled by going to Settings>Messages>iMessage. If you are receiving delayed messages from non-iPhone users, please try reseting your Network Settings. This will not erase your phone. You can review the steps here: http://vz.to/18GIKqZ Please keep us posted!

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