When will Message+ desktop app be able to print?
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I would use the desktop Messages (Message+) app if it could print (to paper or PDF) text dialogs like anyone can do with an email dialog/conversation. The web portal (https://web.vma.vzw.com/vma/web2/Message.do) seems to be getting less and less reliable each week (August 2015) but at least I can archive conversations. This is crucial to have this "paper trail" for use in my business. When will this basic feature be added to the desktop app?

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Re: When will Message+ desktop app be able to print?
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Adding functionality is always a good thing. While we don't have information at this time regarding this option, it can always be lifted up to the app developer to include in a future enhancement. The email address is VerizonMessages@VerizonWireless.com.
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