Where did talk to text go?

It used to be the little microphone on the keyboard, but now it just records and sends a sound clip.

I have had to reset my phone several times in the last couple of months; is it a setting I'm missing somewhere?

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Re: Where did talk to text go?
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I understand how important it is to use talk to text LVMIslik. I'm sorry to hear it's missing on your phone. What device do you have? Did you have any recent software updates? Do you have any applications that you've recently downloaded that use the microphone?


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Re: Where did talk to text go?

I have a Moto Z Force Droid. I did recently (8/28/17) have a software

update, but talk to text was missing before that (not sure when; I don't

use it a ton, but it's a useful thing to have). No new apps that use the

microphone, but going through, I do seem to have a lot more bloatware (I

just had my phone replaced because of overheating and other issues), but

again, that talk to text was missing before I switched to the new phone.

Looking at the settings, under language and input, then virtual keyboard,

both of my keyboards (Gboard and Google voice typing) are enabled and the

only setting turned off for voice typing is the blocking of offensive


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