Where did the settings and app icon go in the Message+ update?
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Just received the new Message+ update on my Macbook pro running Yosemite. The old app had two important things that seem to be missing in the new app, where are they?

1. Settings: I see no way to change any settings, the old app had some options, and would let you disconnect a device, etc -- where have they moved?

2. App icon: The old app, when running, appeared as a regular app, which meant I could use the standard Command + Tab of the Application Switcher to access it easily. Now, when a new message comes in, the only way I see to open up the conversation pane to to click on the icon in the menu bar, then click on the 'Conversation List' menu item. This sucks on many levels -- way less convenient! Is there any way to restore this functionality?

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There is no settings icon in the upper left of the Conversation List, see image here: Message+ and Inbox | Verizon Wireless Community

I don't even see a way to get the version info from the program -- I believe it's the latest on the Mac App Store, 1.5.0.

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Updates can definitely move things around and take a bit more effort to find thehunmonkgroup . Good thing you have us to help. To access settings, you would need to follow these steps:

1.Click the Settings icon in the upper-left of the Conversation List.
2.Click Settings.
3.Click Manage Device.
4.Click Disconnect Device.
5.A confirmation pop-up will be displayed. Click Disconnect to disconnect the device.

If you're still not able to access Settings, please reply with the version of Verizon Messages you currently have.

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