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Why Am I Having Problems Sending Texts To Email Accounts?

[post branched from older thread]

It appears this problem can still occur as of 11-17-2016.  However, the means to correct it appears to be gone.  I can find no fields labeled "nickname" in my profile page.  The helpline folks haven't even heard of this feature, it's obviously been long deprecated.  Any idea how to remove the nickname now that the field is no longer accessible?  I've been through many reps on the helpline and up to level 3 techs...still no solution.

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Re: Why Am I Having Problems Sending Texts To Email Accounts?
Customer Support

ByronShort -

The solution mentioned in this thread no longer applies as the VText service has been retired earlier this year, replaced with Integrated Messages (also known as Verizon Messages). Sending a message through the desktop version will be the same result as if you'd sent it from your phone or tablet, as the "nickname" would be what your number is saved as in their device. There's lots of great info on this free messaging service here: .

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Re: Why Am I Having Problems Sending Texts To Email Accounts?

This answer is incorrect as well.  It seems that the Verizon reps are all lost on this, because they know that vtext is going away, so they seem to think that there is no way a problem can still exist there.  Or that this feature doesn't exist.  But it does exist and it does cause a problem.

I have since discovered the solution.  The feature, which applies an alias to your standard #@vtext email address is not yet dead, even though we know that vtext is slated to go away.  For anyone having trouble with this feature interfering by sending back a response from an unknown address, rather from the expected address of, the solution is available on the website.  Here are the steps:

Go to, log in to your account.  Mouse over "My Plan & Services", then select "Send a Message" from the pop-up menu.  This brings up your desktop method to send text messages.   There is a large red bar that includes three bars on the left side to indicate a menu.  Click the three bars, and select "Settings" from the pop-up menu.  Once the settings are open, you'll have a new menu that includes "Email to Text".  Click that.  On the right side of the screen you can now see the email address that is associated with your number.  You can click the red "EDIT" button to remove or change it as needed.  If there is no email address there, then any email you originate from your phone as a text will show up from the standard address.  If there is an email address in there, that will show up in stead.  If you have an automated system that is expecting replies to come from the same email address they were sent to, removing this alias will be just what you need.

The support from Verizon on this was terrible.  All the service reps know that vtext is going away, so nobody seems to have any understanding of how it works any more.  We actually had a level 3 tech take us through a total save, wipe, reload of our phone because he was sure it was a bug in our phone.  We lost data that the tech told us he backed up, but didn't.  Not happy.  And of course, the problem had nothing to do with the is a feature that the techs I've talked to (many!) no nothing about.