Why are my incoming texts are broken into 2-6 separate texts. No help from Verizon!

     When I receive texts from someone, the alert will ring 2-6 times. When I check the text, it will be divided into 2-6 pieces, right in the middle of words and or sentences. These are not long texts. many are no more than an average paragraph. I've had a single sentence broken into 3 pieces. Countless hours have been spent on the phone with the Techs and Customer Service. My phone has been reset in so many different ways, it's ludicrous! They finally sent me a replacement. The first text was broken into 4 separate texts.

     This has been going on for about 5-6  months now. I was being charged for overages and finally had to increase my Messaging to 1000 messages at an extra $10.00 per month. One supervisor got me a refund for part of the overage penalties (.40¢ each message). The new phone had a problem, it sucked my battery dry within 2½ hours so I sent it back. Verizon has offered me no solutions, no further compensation. I do text every day to my Fiance' We may share as many as 5 or six texts in a day. Multiply that times 30 days it comes to 150-180 texts a month. Multiply that times an average of 4 splits and you get 600-720 texts. She's not the only person that sends me texts.

     I'm disabled, live alone and on a fixed income, this sucks. That $10.00 may not seem like much to many. I have to budget every dollar. The penalty price for overages were costing me between $15 and $25 per month in the beginning. I am totally baffled. They cannot fix the problem. It isn't convenient to call people for short messages, so people text. I have Kids and family that need to reach me.

     Verizon cannot fix the problem. One tech suggest that it may be due to the fact that Verizon began using a new Tower Network Contractor about the same time this began. I'm stuck in Verizon's contract. I'm being forced to pay for 1000 messages when I could go back to the 450 messages price.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Really Frustrated, and Helpless

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Re: Why are my incoming texts are broken into 2-6 separate texts. No help from Verizon!
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Hello Buddash! I can see why you're frustrated about this situation. Did we replace the 2nd device? Has each phone experienced the same issue?


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Re: Why are my incoming texts are broken into 2-6 separate texts. No help from Verizon!
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I have an HTC ThunderBolt and I text a friend of mine that has AT&T. It happens to me as well. The message will break up into seperate pieces and I have to figure out what it says. Not a big deal to me because I have unlimited texting.. but maybe it has something to do with the phone or the carrier. Because each text can hold only so many characters. So once it reaches the max.. it starts a new one.