Why can't I change the sound on my Verizon Messages app on my Google Pixel Phone

I recently traded in my Samsung Note 4 for the new Google Pixel phone (32gb). When I go into settings, there is a notifications button, but it is only to turn it off and on.  I have checked everywhere that  I can think of but it just doesn't seem to be a feature.  The same goes with the FB app on this phone.  I use my phone for work and have changed my email notifications, but it would be nice to know when I can ignore my phone or if I need to check it, hence the different sounds.

Anyone else have and able to solve this issue?  While there are many features of this new phone that I love, this one particular issue is kind of a paint in the tail.  🙂


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Re: Why can't  I change the sound on my Verizon Messages app on my Google Pixel Phone
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You can set the notification sound for Verizon Messages on your Pixel - it's done from within the Messages + app.  Open the app to the conversations page, then tap the three dots on the top right.  Choose customize, the Tones to set the default fro all messages.  To set a specific tone for a contact or group, open the message thread with that one contact/group, and again, tap the three dots, Customize, and Tones.

I have a separate tone for Facebook notifications also, which I set up when I first got the phone.  Trying to figure out how I did it and will post back when I do ... it's a woman's voice that says "Facebook notification" that I got ff Zedge, but I can't seem to find where I set it!!