Why can't I revert back to stock messaging app?
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I have the Samsung Galaxy 7 edge- I didn't run the update but it still installed the new despicable messaging+ app. It keeps erasing all my customizations, grouping single texts from my husband (another message+ user) so it appears as "From Hubby, Hubby to: Hubby" and has completely stopped playing notification tones or vibrations when receiving texts. I had to go into the store and update it manually, hoping it would fix at least some of these issues, but it only created another world of problems. I tried to re-enable the stock messaging app and restarted my phone, disabled messages+, and completely stopped receiving ANY texts despite them being from non-verizon and non-messages+ users. I had to revert back to messages+ just to get some of the texts. My boss texted me asking for the number of a client he was on his way to meet and I never got it, he screamed at me and I almost LOST MY JOB because of this ridiculous nonsense! The app was PERFECT before this disgusting update. Verizon- HELP AND FIX NOW.

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