Why can't I select certain photos to send via VZ Messenger +

I bought a Moto Z Force cell phone a few months ago. Its running Android 7.0. I like the default VZ Mess+ app & used it a lot. Then around April I noticed if I take a picture & then try to send it in a txt the picture gets blocked or does not show up. To explain better: I see a Ferrari on the street, I snap a picture of it. I open VZ Mess+ to send the pic to my cousin. I create the text them I hit the + button. I have a window where the picture should be. I can't see the picture but know it was the last one I took so it should be the 1st option to select. I can select the grayed out cell & sent the picture & my cousin. He gets the picture fine. Now imagine you are in central park & you have taken 10 pics. They all show up fine in your gallery, but when you go to text any of them you have 10 blank windows to choose from after you hit the + button in the text window. I'm removed & reinstalled VZ Mess+, I've been to 2 Verizon stores, I've uninstalled all launchers & I've been on many forum & no one seems to know why I have this problem. Motorola support said text problems were a carrier issue & to contact Verizon support so now I have. I need to get this resolved as this phone is new & I love texting pictures of family. **Oh ya odd note: I do not have this problem with videos I've taken with the phone or with pictures that were sent to me & I saved into the gallery. its just pictures taken with the camera do not show up in the lineup to be chosen after you hit the + button.I have a picture of what I mean below


VZ Mess+ TXT troblem..png

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Re: Why can't I select certain photos to send via VZ Messenger +
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Has this been happening since day one?

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